Pictured above: Participating inmates with Polly Hudson, Robin’s daughter, a columnist on the Daily Mirror

The professionally developed programmes we offer at HMP Lewes are aimed at young people – low, medium or high risk – who are already engaged in a programme of intervention or prevention. The visit to the prison and the KeepOut workshops should be part of a planned programme of learning – we give priority to these groups. Low Risk – One-off Intervention. 
These young people will either be involved in committing crime or have been identified as being at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity.

  • This one-off intervention focuses them on personal responsibility; consequences and victim empathy.
  • The young people learn from prisoners about the effect of their behaviour on others and the penalties they face if they decide to be involved in anti-social or offending activities.
  • Young people will experience a broad range of delivery methods including group discussions, role play, prisoner testimonials, personal feedback, interactive games and exercises.

“It has taken many exciting and sometimes challenging years to establish KeepOut - The Crime Diversion Scheme in three, soon to be four, of Her Majesty‘s Prisons. It has been an interesting journey and a real team effort; with everyone working together to make KeepOut an effective and successful model for reducing offending. Winning this prestigious Award is a great boost for everyone involved with KeepOut and we are thrilled to receive such notable recognition for our work. Winning the Robin Corbett Award has brought us valuable national and local publicity and made the people of this area aware of the good work being done within these prison walls.”

Angela Palmer, Chief Executive of KeepOut