Recycling Lives, a charity which enables prisoners to gain skills and qualifications in recycling and fabrication to help them lead a law-abiding life on release, has been awarded the 2019 Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-integration for its work at HMP Wymott in Lancashire.

More than 250 men and women across 11 prisons have benefitted from Recycling Lives’ programmes offering prisoners training and employment in recycling and waste management, as well as providing mentoring and assistance with food and accommodation in a purpose-built block of flats. Fewer than 5% of participants re-offend and more than 70% find permanent employment on release.

hear from recycling lives

“We are honoured to receive this year’s Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-integration. It is fantastic to have recognition of our hard work across the country, from finding purposeful employment for the individuals we work with to assisting ex-prisoners with stable housing and supporting peer networks. We strongly believe in every person’s capacity to re-integrate into society and live healthy, crime-free lives if given enough support and supervision. We are delighted to have our contributions recognised and the award will allow us to expand our mental health and well-being support services, to both offer new services and meet growing demand.”

~ Alasdair Jackson, CEO of Recycling Lives Charity (RCA Winner 2019)

WINNER: A Fairer Chance

A Fairer Chance charity has been awarded the Highly Commended prize for its work in connecting women prisoners with employment tailored to their skills during and after release from HMP Sutton Park in Kent.

We specialise in working with ex-offenders and NEETS. We develop sustainable skills and employment routes in partnership with employers and the public sector.

hear from a fairer chance

“We feel honoured to be the Highly Commended winner of the Robin Corbett Award, and it is wonderful to have our work connecting women in prison with employers who match their skills and aspiration recognised. The prize money will go directly towards the delivery of a planned programme of cross-sector events and open days in HMP East Sutton Park and other women’s’ establishments. The profile that comes from the award will enable us to expand our operations and engage with a wider range of private sector employers.”

~ Maggie Walsh, CEO of A Fairer Chance 
(Highly Commended winner 2019)


Circles South West has been Commended for its work rehabilitating individuals convicted of sexual offences at HMP Leyhill in Gloucestershire.

Our vision is No more Victims. Circles work towards there being ‘No More Victims’ by reducing emotional loneliness; modelling appropriate adult relationships; supporting their safe integration; and holding the individual to account for their behaviour.

hear from circle south west

“It wonderful to receive the Commended prize from this prestigious Award, and a vindication of the work of our organisation. We hope that the raised profile resulting from the Award will impact positively on our future funding enabling us to extend this work both on HMP Leyhill and other prisons in the south west, and the prize money will go towards this end.”

~ Jo Burden, CEO of Circles South West
(Commended winner 2019)

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